Profile Video (2015 Boston Marathon)

Video from a profile about me featured on Video by GuruAmar Khalsa. Original story and video posting here.

Runkeeper “This Year You Can” Promo Video

Promotional video for the Runkeeper “This Year You Can” campaign in which I was featured. Video by Mariah Muscato.

The Road Ahead: Data-Driven Mobility

Video from the Data-Driven Mobility panel at the MIT SENSEable City Lab 2014 Conference, “The Road Ahead: The Future of Transportation and Mobility”.

Runkeeper Hack-a-Thon (October 2014)

Documentary short about the Runkeeper Hack-a-Thon we held in October 2014, including the injury-prevention project that I worked on with collaborators from Spaulding National Running Center and I Measure U (details here). Video by Mariah Muscato.


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