What’s Next?

“Everything changes.” It may be a cliché—actually, I suppose it would have to be, since people have been saying it for more than 2,500 years—but it’s also true. In this case, the change is that after almost two years as part of the Runkeeper team, I’m moving on to a new project.

I’m proud to announce that starting this month I will be joining Censio as a data scientist. A Boston-area startup founded in 2012, Censio is focused on making driving safer by creating solutions for usage-based insurance. Our goal is to help people make better decisions about how they drive, so that they can reduce their risk of accidents while also saving money on their auto insurance.

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My time at Runkeeper has been a wonderful experience. I’ve worked with exceptionally talented colleagues, learned an incredible amount, had a lot of fun, and most importantly, was a part of helping people around the world make a positive change in their lives to get and stay fit. Millions of people have had the opportunity to grow as part of the Runkeeper community, but only a few dozen of us have had the chance to grow as part of the Runkeeper company, and I’m very grateful to be one of them.

Here’s looking forward to the next big change!

PS – In my 22 months at Runkeeper I ran 1,688 miles, including 9 road races, 3 marathons, and an unsanctioned race against an MBTA train. Any company that can inspire someone to do all that is a pretty amazing place to work.


Nicholas Arcolano

Senior Data Scientist at TrueMotion. Formerly Runkeeper, MIT Lincoln Laboratory, Harvard SEAS Ph.D. Loves running, though it doesn't always love him back.

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