In the USA, Who Runs the Fastest, the Farthest, and the Most Often? (Interactive Visualization)

In our most recent data collaboration with Runner’s World, we decided to look at how the US states compare in terms of how fast, how far, and how often they run. Spoiler: RunKeeper’s Massachusetts users come out looking pretty dominant, which hopefully doesn’t come across as too suspicious considering that we’re located in Boston.

In addition to reading the original Runner’s World article here, you can check out our interactive map on data.runkeeper.com (or, just click on the image below). If you live in the United States, how does your state stack up?

USA Running Distance Choropleth


Nicholas Arcolano

Senior Data Scientist at TrueMotion. Formerly Runkeeper, MIT Lincoln Laboratory, Harvard SEAS Ph.D. Loves running, though it doesn't always love him back.

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