How Active Are People in Your Country? (Interactive Visualization)

Inspired after attending the 2014 OpenVis Conference here in Boston last month, I finally carved out enough bandwidth to dive into D3 and try my hand at making an interactive visualization for the web.

It’s been about six weeks since we launched Breeze, and already we’re dealing with a lot of great data that has the potential for some truly amazing insights. In helping you understand your daily activity, Breeze not only keeps track of how many steps you take, but also how long and how often you move throughout the day. For this visualization our data team looked at motion data for 75,000 Breeze users across 25 countries for all the weekdays since the app launched, to investigate where and when people started moving the earliest, how long the active part of their weekday was, and how much they moved in total.

If you’re curious about some of the insights we uncovered, check out the fully interactive version on data.runkeeper.com!

Breeze Country Habits Visualization


Nicholas Arcolano

Senior Data Scientist at TrueMotion. Formerly Runkeeper, MIT Lincoln Laboratory, Harvard SEAS Ph.D. Loves running, though it doesn't always love him back.

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